JP Yepez

Works hero image: particle flow fields


Azure Talos overhead view

Azure Talos

Azure Talos is a six-string expressive slide guitar robot. It was built as PhD project at Victoria University of Wellington (2019-2020).

A noise-based shader that results in a glossy and icy surface.

Computer Graphics

A collection of shaders applied to 3D surfaces to emulate fluid-like substances using different lighting scenarios.

A DeepDream piece that creates complex structures from a multi-colour surface.

Artificial Intelligence

A collection of projects generated via procedural shaders and DeepDream.

A 2D audio-driven particle system

Audiovisual Art

A series of digital artworks that integrate computer graphics and audio.

A minimalist piece using lines and noise.

Generative Art

A collection of generative art pieces with a focus on geometry, colours, and tiles.

A single-string chordphone prototype.


Examples of my academic work and artistic explorations in mechatronic research.

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